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Emergency Shower Trailers

If your oil field project requires the use of acids or other hazardous chemicals, an emergency shower trailer and eyewash station is likely a site requirement. CCS shower trailers are designed to allow for a quick drench shower with a shower head and pump system allowing a minimum of 20 gallons of heated, city water per minute for 20 minutes. Our fresh water tank is 425 gallons providing a more than adequate amount of water to decontaminate the subject at hand. Included in CCS shower trailers is both an overhead shower and an eye washing station for rapid response to accidents. All CCS shower trailers come with the winter package to be used all times of year in the extreme cold. They are run by Onan generators with 38-gallon diesel fuel tanks, and all are wired to run off of a generator or light plant on location if that is the preferred method. Trailers are built to meet or exceed all OSHA standards.