What Happens in the Berm, Stays in the Berm

Custom Chemical Solutions is a full-service oil field rental company servicing everywhere from the Bakken oilfield to West Texas. Our three different locations allow us to provide full services to the following areas. Bakken, Powder River Basin, DJ Basin, Permian Basin, and Eagle Ford.

CCS has all the qualities you require when choosing an oilfield service company to supply product or equipment on your drilling or frac site. We have the product, service, staff, equipment, and knowledge to safely provide the best service the oilfield has to offer. Our pricing is extremely competitive with zero hidden charges.

CCS provides various containment options to safeguard against spills which helps to effectively maintain consistent operations on a larger scale. All of our containments are cleaned (and repaired if needed) after every job so they are like new for the next use.

Flow-Line Restraint

CCS is proudly the Bakken area provider of Rig-It Restraint systems. CCS restraints have proven themselves time and time again to be by far the best on the market. Our restraints are engineered to do what they are designed for giving our customers peace of mind knowing that upon a catastrophic flow line failure, lives and equipment will be saved.

If your oil field project requires the use of acids or other hazardous chemicals, an emergency shower trailer and eyewash station is likely a site requirement. Included in CCS shower trailers is both an overhead shower and an eye washing station for rapid response to accidents. All CCS shower trailers come with the winter package to be used all times of year in the extreme cold.

Hydrovac Services

Hydroexcavation trucks have recently become one of the go-to pieces of equipment in the oil and gas industry. CCS has a fleet of new, well maintained hydrovacs with smart, honest, hard working drivers and operators to go with them. Our Hydrovac services are cost effective and reduce downtime and maximize efficiency on worksites. You will not find better pricing or service than with CCS’ hydrovac division.

Our Standards

CCS pursues the highest of standards to maximize safety and environmental health. 99% of our products are re-used to help from filling our nations landfills while reducing environmental impact on oilfield locations. We strive to eliminate any hazards that might result in injury or illness to our employees or the public.