What Happens in the Berm, Stays in the Berm

Custom Chemical Solutions is a full-service secondary containment rental company servicing the Bakken oilfield and surrounding areas including some of the Rocky Mountain Region. CCS’ reliability has positioned us on a first-call basis with some of the largest companies in the oil and gas industry.

CCS has all the qualities you require when choosing an oilfield service company to supply containment on your drilling or frac site. We have the product, service, staff, equipment, and knowledge to safely provide the best containment service the oilfield has to offer. Our pricing is extremely competitive with zero hidden charges.

CCS provides various containment options to safeguard against spills which helps to effectively maintain consistent operations on a larger scale. All of our containments are cleaned (and repaired if needed) after every job so they are like new for the next use.


We offer a full range of services including the moving and setting up of our product upon rig up or down-we do it all. CCS is the customer-centered choice for safe, reliable, efficient and effective solutions from start to finish on every job.

Our Standards

CCS pursues the highest of standards to maximize safety and environmental health. 99% of our containments are re-used to help from filling our nations landfills while reducing environmental impact on oilfield locations. We strive to eliminate any hazards that might result in injury or illness to our employees or the public.