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Flow-Line Restraint System

CCS is proudly the Bakken area provider of Rig-It Restraint systems. CCS restraints have proven themselves time and time again to be by far the best on the market. Most all restraints seen in the field today are simply lifting/pulling/ and hoisting devices. Our restraints are engineered to do what they are designed for giving our customers peace of mind knowing that upon a catastrophic flow line failure, lives and equipment will be saved. CCS restraints are constructed of the strongest synthetic fiber known to man. Being so they are smaller in diameter than our competitors creating less trip hazards, and being smaller our customers can see much more of their iron making it possible to catch leaks before they become a problem. They are by far the quickest rig-in and rig-out restraint system on the market. Our restraints are hydrophobic, meaning they won’t take on water which results in lightweight, unfrozen restraints that can be worked with and rigged up properly. If you are looking for restraints look no further. CCS guarantees money, time, and most importantly LIVES saved by utilizing their restraints.