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Hydrovac Services

Hydroexcavation trucks have recently become one of the go-to pieces of equipment in the oil and gas industry. CCS has a fleet of new, well maintained hydrovacs with smart, honest, hard working drivers and operators to go with them. Our Hydrovac services are cost effective and reduce downtime and maximize efficiency on worksites. You will not find better pricing or service than with CCS’ hydrovac division. Our hydrovac trucks are the perfect tool to clean up those accidental spills and messes. We regularly do completion work and rig cleaning. Put our trucks to work cleaning your frac tanks, 400 BBL uprights, separators, and vessels. Trenching for pipelines is safest with a hydrovac, and has proven to be the least destructive. Our trucks are commonly out following the fracs, cleaning up location as the frac crew moves from one pad to the next. We will do a great job in the shortest time possible, and can get rid of your extra sand too. Give CCS a call for all your hydrovac and disposal needs, you will not be let down!

*CCS Hydrovac Dispatch- 406-480-7874

*In case of emergency call- 307-272-1096